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The Unreached

It is estimated that of the 7.47 billion people alive in the world today, 3.15 billion of them live in unreached people groups with little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

According to Joshua Project, there are approximately 16800 unique people groups in the world with about 6900 of them considered unreached.

The vast majority (95%) of these least reached groups exist in the 10/40 window and less than 10% of missionary work is done among these people.


[ People Group ] : an ethnolinguistic group with a common self-identity that is shared by the various members. The most dominant identifier of a people group is their language, but each unique people group also shares a common sense history and customs. For strategic purposes, a people group is the largest group through which the gospel can flow without encountering significant barriers of understanding and acceptance. In other words, a people group calls “us, us” and “them, them” by distinguishing insiders and outsiders. In the Bible, the Greek word “ethne” often times gets translated as “nations” but really means ethnic groups or people groups. 

[ Unreached People Group (UPG) ] or
[ Least Reached People Group ] : an identifiable group of people distinguished by a distinct culture, language, or social class who lack a community of Christians able to evangelize the rest of the people group without outside help. The only opportunity for the people group to hear about salvation is through an “external witness.” Most missiologists consider 2% of the population becoming Christ followers as the “tipping point” at which the group is generally considered “reached” with the Gospel. 


Matthew 24:14: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” (ESV) The Greek phrase for “all nations” is “panta ta ethne” which refers to all of the ethnicities or people groups of the world. We believe that Jesus was very clear in stating that His gospel would be preached to all nations/ ethne/ people groups before He would return. Therefore the simple, yet major goal of Global Frontier Missions is to assist in the preaching of the Good News to every people group in order to fulfill the words of Christ! 

[ Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) ] : According to Finishing the Task, there are 269 remaining unengaged, unreached people groups numbering over 5.7 million souls that are still beyond the reach of the Gospel. These 269 ethnic groups are perhaps the neediest of the needy as they are unengaged, which means that no church, no missionary, no mission agency…no one has yet taken responsibility to tell them about Jesus Christ. 


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