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About Us

This is our  projects and missionaries going to the unreached.

Founders of Spear Interantional

Spear International was founded by father and son. They have been working together in ministry for more than ten years. Spear International goes out to the most dangerous areas, where one would be killed and/or jailed for spreading the gospel. There names can not be revealed since they still travel too some of the most dangerous countries, spreading the Gospel, smuggeling in Bibles and starting underground churches. The following is some questions we always get.

Why take the risk?

Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins. He was the ultimate sacrifies and the world needs to know about His unfailing love!

What about your families?

Yes it is difficult saying goodbye too our families not knowing if we shall return. But we know we have people praying for us.


Why not minister in your own country?

We have projects in our country also. We have teams going from town to town ministering where they go. They also go out and minister to the drug dealers and prostitutes

How can we help?

You can pray. You can join us on a mission and you can support us financially to get the Gospel in the persecuted countries.


Do you want to be part of every lost soul that turns to Christ?

Please Donate :
Nuts 4 Bibles
REK: 143744984
TAK: 05070447 Upington
051001 (all branches)

After making a donation please contact us on +27797697180 or +27827899550

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